more than a name...

🗓️ 7 Days... 168 Hours...10080 Minutes... 604800 Seconds...⏳


That is how long we waited to announce/give my little human her name. It seems archaic some today but the tradition of naming/announcing your child is still present today. Not only on the continent but worldwide.

Per Wikipedia  a Naming Ceremony is an event at which a person or persons is officially assigned a name. Various countries participate in this practice, with methods differing over cultures and religions. The timing at which a name is assigned can vary from some days after birth to several months or many years.

In Nigeria, we wait 7 days. There are multiple reasons for this. 

  1. Infant Mortality. Unfortunately, this is still a thing. Waiting 7 days insures you will not name a child that will die. There is more to this but we can discuss this at a later date.

  2. Family. A naming ceremony gives the MAJORITY of the family the opportunity to meet the child for the first time and be part of the child's life from the beginning. They also provide a name w/ a gift. 

  3. Purpose. For us a name is more than what someone calls you. It is the prayer your parents have for you. What they seek to happen in your life. How they want others to perceive and address you.

  4. Connection. The names you are give your child connect your child to their roots. It provides a story line. Your child can easily figure out you and your partner's state of mind when you had them. 

🗨️My name is Adesuwa Peace Oyelami (nee Enabulele).

Adesuwa is a Bini (Edo) name which means "one born into wealth" (prefix Adé means crown in Bini & Yoruba). My middle name Peace, I was named after a pastor that inspired my iyé.

👶🏿 My daughter has 14 names 😅.

But her first 3 are: 

  1. Oluwafunmilola (Yoruba/ God has given us wealth) 

  2. Atinuke (Yoruba/ Precious one) 

  3. Osagioduwa (Bini/ God direct me, give me wisdom).

📰What's your name and your parents story?


left.  iyé Atinuke  w/ Baby Atinuke  right.  iyé Adesuwa  w/ Baby Adesuwa  (iyé Atinuke)

left. iyé Atinuke w/ Baby Atinuke

right. iyé Adesuwa w/ Baby Adesuwa (iyé Atinuke)