So, this morning I woke up late for work. (as usual...) I thought I was a ninja and decided to attempt to slip out of bed without waking the little human up.

Mr. Bangs (husbae) giving me the 😒 (sideye) look because we already know what is about to happen.

But look at God I shamed the Devil known as Mr. Bangs and was able to get out of bed without waking this child up 🎉

*P L O T T W I S T*

But the devil has assistants because I decided to walk into the corner foot of the bed and fall on the floor 💥‼️

Bangs rolls his eyes at me -> 🙄

Instead of him to say "PeLe DeaR aRe YoU okAY?” ...imagine.

Long story short Funmi (little human) woke up singing praises to Jesus our Lord. And I went to work and left the Devil known as Bangs and his assistants to sort it out. 😈